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Badass Modified Jeep Grand Cherokees Sling Mud at Mudbog 2019

Jeep Grand Cherokee

With XJ and Wrangler prices remaining high, the WJ Grand Cherokee looks like a great, cheap path to muddy Jeep fun.

  Comments | By - April 10, 2019

Jeep Wrangler JL Rescues Seriously Stuck JK From Muddy Doom

Jeep JL tows JK out of icy mud

When you are irretrievably stuck with four flat tires, there’s nothing like a fellow Jeeper saving your hide.

  Comments | By - January 7, 2019

Savage-sounding Jeep Grand Cherokee is One Badass Mudder

JK Forum Jeep Mudding

Sky-high lifted Jeep gets down and dirty in the punishing bogs of St. Claire Township, Michigan for some filthy fun. 

  Comments | By - August 13, 2018

Jeep Wrangler Loses Entire Top in Mud Bog Recovery

Jeep Fail mud bog recovery

Everyone knows you’re supposed to mount a winch to the chassis during a rescue. Looks like somebody missed that memo.

  Comments | By - July 18, 2018