A Deeper Look into Jeep’s Five-Year Plan

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Jeep Comanche Pickup Print Ad (Commercial)Fiat-Chrysler held briefings for their future products and detailed each brand’s five-year plan earlier this month. Many were hoping the call for a unibody truck would equal a Jeep Comanche revival after Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne stated there was room for one. However, Mr. Marchionne and Jeep Brand President/CEO Mike Manley echoed that there are no plans in the works for a Jeep pickup, even as a Wrangler.

Another interesting announcement was the plan for a “C SUV” in their five-year model plans. It would be a brand-new design in Q2 or Q3 of 2016, which will be the 75th anniversary of the Jeep Brand. Then, in late 2018, Jeep has plans for reintroducing the Grand Wagoneer platform. No details have been revealed on these so far, other than the “C SUV” will be a smaller SUV, possibly around the same size as the Compass and Patriot. Those models will meet their ends in 2016. The Grand Wagoneer will be a three-row SUV.

These two new nameplates will expand the Jeep portfolio from five to six vehicles sold worldwide, which is the goal of their five-year plan, along with achieving sales growth of 20 percent and operating 10 manufacturing plants in six countries. That will increase global Jeep production to 1.9 million units by 2018.

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