Is This a Completely Undisguised JL Wrangler?

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At a recent Friends and Family gathering at the FCA headquarters, a full-scale Wrangler model was displayed, someone managed to snag some photos, and we have them all here for you. Now it is important to make a distinction that this is not a production car; it’s merely a clay design study, but it gives us the best look we’ve had yet at some of the new features and changes that should arrive with the JL. The biggest and most interesting of these is the roof design.

We have heard plenty of rumblings that several new roof options are coming with the newest Wrangler, and this clay model shows off what we expect to be the “true 3-piece” hard-top option. If you look, you can see what appears to be a full set of three panels that can be removed. That means much greater control over who gets extra sunshine and who doesn’t. (It also means that you can soon see hilarious photos of people hauling fridges upright in the back of the JL, with the rest of the roof still attached.) Furthermore, it also looks like the hard panel side windows come out just like the plastic ones in the cloth top. And there appear to be integrated handles in the top as well. That should make moving them around much easier.

As for the rest of the design, we can’t be certain how much is production ready. The nose looks far too much like a Renegade design, and based on the mules we’ve seen out and about, this visual look has been scrapped. Regardless, this is the closest we’ve been to seeing the new JL without all its frumpy camo cloth.

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