‘Little Blue Jeep’ Blasts Through Mud Pit, Shows Up Big Boys

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Low-riding Jeep CJ shows uses its gurgling V8 to cover the audience in thick mud at the 2018 BFE Mud Bog in Michigan.

This Jeep mudding video comes to us from the YouTubers CarWarz, featuring footage from the 2018 Backyard Family Entertainment (BFE) Spring Mud Bog in Michigan. Unlike the average mud truck that has a lift high enough to allow most people to walk under the chassis, this old school CJ has a very low stance – but that doesn’t prevent it from rocketed through the slop.

‘Little Blue Jeep’

The video title calls the vehicle in action here the “Little Blue Jeep,” presumably due to the fact that it sits so much lower than the majority of the trucks at an off-road event like this one (or, you know, because of the cute children’s book). However, the fact that it is smaller than the other rigs doesn’t hamper its mudding ability one bit.

Little Blue Jeep Clean

There are no details on this Jeep, but based on what body parts are used, it looks like it comes from the CJ era. It clearly has a big V8 with headers sticking straight up out of the engine bay while a serious suspension setup locates all four wheels out away from the body.

When it is parked next to something like a full-sized Dodge Ram mud truck, this Jeep has to look like a toy, but the lightweight design allows it to shine in the mud.

Storming Across the Mud

In the video above, the blue Jeep takes on a few different portions of the BFE mud bog. At first, the driver tackles an area that is not as deep, but it is particularly wet, making traction an issue. Fortunately, the CJ skims right across the top of the surface with ease.

Little Blue Jeep Muddy

On the second run, the driver hits a deeper part of the pit and while this is a bit more work for the Jeep, as the engine coughs on the mud and water splashing around the air filter, the rig makes it to the dry bank.

Finally, on the last run of the video, the Jeep tackles a much deeper, rougher section of the mud bog, but once again, the classic SUV is able to work through the slop and get to dry land – although the aggressive tires coated the passenger in mud on this run.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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