Extreme Rock Climbing in a Jeep

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Jeep goes vertical on steep rock climb.

Chuck Converse is a madman and a genius in a Jeep. And we are so glad he is, because his daring spirit along with a kickass Jeep brought us this jaw-dropping feat of off-roading excellence. Converse shared this video on his Instagram, and many Jeep enthusiasts have shared it, making this video go viral.

Jeep Wall Climb

“I was definitely not scared. I’ve done it several times, although it is tricky in the rain!’” Converse told his followers on Instagram. Converse recently took his Jeep vertical up a red sandstone wall in Sand Hollow Park, Utah. How did he get the traction? Converse said ever-so-coolly on Instagram “The rock surface is like sandpaper!”

Jeep Wall Climb

The Jeep is a heavily modified 2006 Jeep Wrangler that bears the name ‘Project Total Loss’ after it was totaled and subsequently rebuilt after an accident. The 4×4 rose like a Phoenix from the flames, and now performs like no other. Converse clearly has a great passion for Jeeps, and handles them like no one else. Check out his Instagram page for more awesome shots of him daring the laws of physics and showing off some amazing rides.

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