Hemi-Powered AEV Jeep Is Hilariously Fun to Drive

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What happens when you take a new Wrangler Unlimited, stuff a Hemi under the hood, and prepare it for all-out expedition duty? You get an AEV turn-key conversion. This slab of orange sexy has more than $50k worth of upgrades and modifications, and for some reason the folks at AEV were foolish enough to hand me the keys for a quick jaunt.

As you might expect, the hilarious grunt of the 6.4-liter Hemi V8 is the most noticeable change in the driving dynamics. If you can get the speed just right, you can stand on the pedal and force a downshift to second, you’ll be at the perfect rpm range to provide enough torque that the AEV Jeep will lift a front wheel under acceleration. An army of nine-year-old school girls could not have giggled harder than I did when I learned about that little fact.

Visually, this Jeep looks as good as it drives. AEV has a really special ability to make a Jeep appear ready to conquer the world while avoiding the classic “drunken shopping spree at the military surplus store” look that seems to afflict several expedition prepped machines. I love the tiny details like the integrated water tank in the rear bumper, and the fuel tank hiding behind the spare tire. These tiny details keep this JK looking clean and uncluttered. And then we have those massive wheels, reinforced diff covers, and an aggressive vented hood to add a touch of badass.

Sadly, I only managed a quick jaunt around town and through a field before I had to hand the keys back, so I can’t give you a full review. But I can offer you a nice, large gallery of photos to gaze at. So let your eyes feast my friends. IF you need me, I’ll be digging into the couch, trying to scrounge up all the coins I can. I need one of these in my life, and I’ll need all the spare cash I can find if I ever hope to make that happen.

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