Jeep Apple CarPlay: Getting Hands-on with iPhone-connected Tech

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We join OneRepublic in Hollywood to listen to some tunes and check out Apple Music’s latest innovations.

JK-Forum recently headed out to the heart of Hollywood, California, for an amazing opportunity. No, it’s not a lucrative movie deal, but rather to experience Jeep’s flavor of Apple CarPlay at Fiat-Chrysler’s (FCA) 2018 Summer Advertising Campaign Preview, which is just as good in our opinion.

This year’s summer campaign is a multi-faceted one for FCA’s core brands (Dodge, Jeep, Fiat and Chrysler), but it is particularly special for everyone’s favorite off-roading automaker. Besides demoing the latest CarPlay features, Jeep is teaming up with Interscope Records, Grammy-nominated band OneRepublic and Apple to debut exclusive access to a OneRepublic curated playlist on Apple Music. Dodge, RAM, and Fiat also get exclusive playlists as well.

Jeep’s campaign also serves as a promotion for the band’s latest single, “Connection.” As a bonus, all customers receive six months of Apple Music free when they buy a new car or truck, and that promotion is good until April 2019.

Apple Car Play

So, Exactly What is Apple CarPlay?

Put quite simply, it is a feature-rich piece of software baked into your iPhone that practically turns your digital radio head unit into an iPhone itself. Or rather, it mirrors your iPhone’s functionality, but in a limited capacity. First available in 2014, the CarPlay’s interface is basically a skin for your car’s infotainment system.

FCA Apple CarPlay Experience

“We’re the only automaker that is offering our customers the full Apple experience,” said Bruce Velisek, Head of Retail Marketing for FCA. “You can seamlessly connect your iPhone or any other Apple product into our vehicles and have that user experience (UX) that everyone is so fond of.”

After briefly chatting with the Velisek, we head over toward an alluring black Jeep Compass for a hands-on CarPlay demo with the Apple team. And boy, was it informative.


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