Jeep & OneRepublic Go Full Patriot in Heart-warming Super Bowl LIII Ad

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‘More Than Just Words’ TV spot will definitely make you stand and salute. 

Long before the New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to secure their ninth Super Bowl appearance in the 21st century, Jeep had already bet big on patriots – American patriots, that is. Jeep’s official Youtube page recently dropped another “Big Game” spot  dropped far ahead of kickoff of this weekend’s Super Bowl LIII. And it’s steeped in patriotic imagery, as well as glimpses from the iconic brand’s past.

The love for all things America here puts Chevy’s old “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie” ads to shame. For starters, this Jeep ad is surprisingly light on, well, Jeeps. The only current model featured here is the JL Wrangler. There’s plenty of allusion to WWII; soldiers scaling a wall, a Willys MB being dropped from a cargo plane, and an older uniformed veteran saluting. Football makes an appearance, of course, in the form of a ref and a grade school football team running onto the field.

Super Bowl LIII Ad

But the majority of the ad features shots of people waking up early, exercising, spending time with family, cities, deserts, cooking, astronauts, firemen, and kids high-fiving. And for good measure, the Space Shuttle, Marilyn Monroe in a Willys M38A1, and the Jeep Wave all make an appearance. Did we mention that the entire ad clocks in at under two minutes?

In short, the ad is heavy on imagery designed to tug at the heartstrings while staying studiously light on any message that could be interpreted as political. The pop-rock band OneRepublic plays a sparse version of “The Star-spangled Banner,” and at the end of the ad, a banner pops up that says “More than just words.” Whether that’s alluding to Jeep’s history or to the national anthem, we’re not sure.

Super Bowl LIII Ad

“We’re delighted to continue our collaboration with OneRepublic,” said Olivier Francois, FCA’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The band’s soaring musical arrangement and Ryan Tedder’s vocals complementing the visual images behind the song’s lyrics makes the video come to life in a way we only dreamed possible.”

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