YouTuber Mods Jeep Wrangler into Super Soaker Sniper

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Crawl TV uses simple tubing to transform a Jeep’s rear window sprayer into a long-range prank toy.

The video above comes to us from the Crawl TV YouTube channel and it features what might be the most unique modification we have seen for the Jeep JK Wrangler. Using the sprayer system for his JK with the fluid being rerouted to the grille instead of the rear of the vehicle, he integrated a squirt gun that offers a good 20-foot range into the front of his customized crawler.


When the video begins, the Crawl TV host Jarrett Crawford is explaining the project being performed to Dozer, his Jeep, while Grace Crawford (the other host of the channel) handles the camera work. Crawford explains that his dad sent him a couple big squirt guns as a joke, but the host has an idea to use one of the toys for a new modification.

Jeep Squirt Gun Install Parts

Since Dozer the Jeep has a soft top, the factory rear window washing system is unused, but it is still in place. Crawford’s idea was to use the components of the rear squirter system to direct the washer fluid out the front rather than up across the back window, turning the Jeep into a gigantic squirt gun.

Jeep Wrangler Squirt Gun Close


Crawford begins by crudely breaking the squirt gun open to remove the tip, which is designed to focus the pressure of the liquid and increase the forces. Next, he gets a long piece of window washer tubing, cutting the line that heads to the rear of the vehicle and connecting it to the new tubing that is run along the top of the fender and through the left-most slot in the grille.

Jeep Wrangler Rear Washer Line

Once the line has reached the grille of the Wrangler, Crawford cuts it to the right length, inserts the nozzle from the squirt gun and zip-ties the hose to a wire running behind the grille to keep it in place.

Finally, he finds that for the rear squirter system to work, the harness has to be plugged in to the top. Since he doesn’t have a top, he uses a piece of wire to jump across the plug and complete the circuit, at which point the rear squirter system works.

Jeep Squirt Gun Shooting at Someone

Well, it works as a squirt gun, but if you were wondering how far the squirter will propel fluid out the front, the answer is “pretty far”. While Jarrett’s test shot at Grace is a miss, the Jeep squirt gun sprays the fluid across the road, looking like 20 feet or so. In any case, it is more than far enough to squirt someone in traffic in front of you, a friend on the trail or “old people crossing the street”.

Jeep Squirt Gun in Action

That last idea might get you in some trouble, but if you want to be able to blast your buddies on the trail with window washer fluid, the video above shows the simple process of adding a squirt gun with a factory switch to your Jeep JK Wrangler.

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