Jeep Off-Roaders Share Tire Pressure Deflation Methods

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JK-Forum members share the best methods to remove air from tires before hitting the trails.

When you take your Jeep off-roading, one of the key steps before hitting the trails is to let some air out of the tires. Having under-inflated tires on the road might be dangerous, but in rough terrain, tires with a little more “give” to them make for better grip on uneven footing.

JK-Forum member TrailRecon recently posted in the video section, asking other off-roaders what methods they use for letting the air out of their Jeep tires when they head into rough terrain. He included the video above, explaining the system that he uses to deflate his tires and pointing out the fact that simply using a tire pressure gauge to slowly let out the air can take several minutes per tire. He walks us through the function of his deflators of choice and for those off-roaders who haven’t used a setup like that, it is a very useful clip.

ARB Deflator

As the thread continues, a handful of members who off-road their Jeep spoke up to mention their deflator brand of choice, including Staun, TeraFlex and ARB, shown above courtesy of the image posted by 63expert. This is all great information, but forum member jchappies offered the most interesting information in the thread – especially for those DIYers in the group.

“I’ve used the set-it forget it deflators and for the most part they work but they do fail too and aren’t very accurate tire to tire. The ARB style where you pull the valve core works really well and is fast. But with all those that I have used I ended up building my own 4 tire inflation\deflation setup. I hook up all 4 tires and can have them deflated in 4min (30lbs to 15lbs). I can also inflate my 4 37’s in 2.30 min with my shop compressor or CO2 or my OBA takes about 5min(that’s all 4 tires)”

jchappies deflator

As you might expect, several members quickly asked about that four-at-once deflator system, so jchappies posted the video below, showing his system in action on his Jeep Wrangler.

Here also offered a parts list for those members who want to build their own system similar to his:

“I deflated all 4 tires to 10 lbs, it took 2:30 to inflate ALL 4 37in tires to 30 lbs. My compressor is 5 [email protected] to compare to yours. I had some of these parts so it was cheaper for me.
1: 1-50ft of 3/8 air hose- Home depot 13.00
2: 4-lock-on air chuck (closed)- Amazon 10.81ea
3: 3- Barb “T” 3/8×3/8×3/8- Home depot 6.00ea
4: 12-1/4to5/8 hose clamps- Home depot 5.00 a bag of 10
5: 2-3/8 barb to 1/4ntp brass-Amazon or home depot 3.60ea
6: 1-1/4×1/4×1/4 NTP brass “T” Amazon or home depot 7.00ea
7: 1-1/4NTP valve-Amazon or Home depot 3.50-7ea
8: 1-1/4×1/4 brass barrel- Amazon or home depot 3.00ea
9: 1-1/4 NTP air gauge rear mount-Amazon 10-20.00ea

I had a lot of this stuff laying around besides the hose and air chucks to complete it it was pretty cheap but going out to buy everything can be upwards to 100.00.”

If  you go off-roading with your Jeep Wrangler and you are tired of spending 10 minutes letting the air out of your tires before you hit the trails, check out this thread for a list of popular brands of tire deflators as well as a great DIY on how to make your own.

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