Chinese Company Expresses Interest in Buying Jeep

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China’s Great Wall could be revving up to make a formal offer to purchase the long-lived American nameplate.

It sounds like our beloved Jeep could be inching one step closer to getting a new owner. According to numerous reports, Chinese carmaker Great Wall is preparing to make a formal offer to buy the American nameplate.

The Detroit News, among countless other news sources, says the China-based company has yet to make an official offer for Jeep. However, the Free Press noted that it Great Wall “deeply interested” in buying the American nameplate from FCA.

The news hardly comes as a big surprise. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has talked frequently about Jeep’s viability as a freestanding brand. That talk seemingly dangled the carrot to any companies that might be interested in the nameplate. As FCA’s most profitable brand, the Jeep’s value could benefit a lot of companies.

Great Wall’s chairman, Wang Jianjun, announced earlier this year that the automaker plans on becoming the top specialty SUV maker in the world by 2020. That certainly makes a strong business case for their major interest in Jeep.

Currently, Great Wall lists a total of six SUVs and trucks on its website. Jeep would instantly give the Chinese company a boost in one of the most profitable and growing vehicle segments in the world.

However, the move to acquire Jeep could face heated opposition from President Donald Trump’s administration. The Executive branch has been pushing an “America First” campaign.

How would new ownership change Jeep? Have your say on the forums.

Needless to say, this is one story that every die-hard Jeep fan in the world will keep a close eye on.

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