Jeep Sales in U.S. Decreased 4 Percent in September

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Despite lower September and year-to-date Jeep sales, several of the company’s models have done well, and even set records.

Jeep recently posted its U.S. sales numbers for the month of September. The bottom lines are in the red, but not everything on its report is that color.

Last month, Jeep dealers in the states sold 73,409 vehicles — four percent fewer vehicles than they moved last September. Breaking things down into retail and fleet sales results in a brighter picture. FCA as whole is gradually reducing its rental fleet sales. Jeep’s September retail sales went up nine percent.

Jeep’s year-to-date sales are down by an even larger amount than its September sales. In the first nine months of this year, Jeep has sold 12 percent fewer vehicles than it did in the same period of 2016 (622,242 vs. 707,106). The Compass and Cherokee (both down 26 percent) and the ancient Patriot (down 60 percent), as well as Jeep’s pulling away from fleet sales, are the biggest contributors to that number.


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There are some models that are firmly in the black, though. Year-to-date sales of the Grand Cherokee have increased 18 percent relative to last year. The Renegade is up four percent. Even the Wrangler is above break-even at a one percent increase.

Things look even better when you look at the performance of particular models in September. According to FCA, “Compass sales were up 75 percent in September, the compact SUV’s best sales month ever” of 11,356 units. The Jeep Renegade had its best September yet, finding 9,350 buyers – an increase of 38 percent. Its bigger brother, the Grand Cherokee, enjoyed its most successful September in 17 years. Its sales rocketed up 20 percent from last September to 22,270 vehicles. Wrangler buyers helped boost the model’s September sales by 10 percent to 15,714 JKs.

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