Jeep Sustains Minor Damage After Hitting Mountain Lion

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I have to admit, one of the biggest issues I have with driving at night is dealing with deer.

Hell, on some roads stretching through Michigan and Ohio, those darn things are about as common squirrels at a neighborhood park.

Luckily, I’ve never actually hit one yet probably because I try to avoid the known routes at night as much as possible. Hey, maybe it’s just the city boy in me, but the strategy has kept me deer-accident-free to date. So, after reading an Orange County Register report of a Jeep Wrangler hitting a mountain lion on the 241 toll road in Southern California, you know I’ve completely crossed this route off my list of places to go.

“It was in our headlights and – boom – it was so fast. It lit up and you could see it was a mountain lion,” said Leslie Schonlaw, who was riding in the Jeep as her husband drove. “There was just no way to avoid it.”

Luckily, it appears the Schonlaws and the Jeep (pictured above) escaped without any major injuries. The mountain lion, however, wasn’t as fortunate as it was found dead three days later.

Even scarier, it’s said that drivers have hit and killed more than 15 mountain lions on the 23-mile stretch located near the Santa Ana Mountains since the road was built about 13 years ago.

Yup, that’s about as good as a “DO NOT ENTER” sign for me.

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