ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … with a Jeep

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Jeep Style

Ah, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Actually, it’s more like, “Holy frozen nipples, Batman, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!” At the most recent check, this social media phenomenon has raised more than $41.8 million. Whether you’re in the camp that was tired of seeing this last week, or you can’t get enough of seeing celebrities and your friends dumping cold water on themselves, you have to admit this Internet phenomenon has produced some tremendous results. ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) awareness is at an all-time high.

For those of you who are sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC), you’ll like the following video because no ice is dumped on anyone’s head. For fans of the IBC, you’ll love this video because it is technically an ice bucket challenge, minus the ice and the bucket, but plus a JK Jeep Wrangler and a cold stream.

Check out the Jeep version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge below, and if the 20 previous IBCs you’ve seen on Facebook have failed to mention it, you can donate at

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