Jeep Savagely Takes Down Toyota Tacoma in Tug o’ War

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It’s a safe bet that a Jeep cannot beat a strapping Taco, right? Wrong. Enter the ‘Gladiator.’

We came across this video from Offroad Cross Nation and it gave us some serious Jeep pride. Usually, in most tug o’ war clips, you’re going to see a beefy, torque-y truck take the pull. Especially when it is facing a Jeep. But this is not the case here. Never underestimate the power of a solid off-roading pro.

We don’t have a lot of information on the Jeep. It’s a lifted Wrangler, which is certainly a beast in its own right. The Jeep is facing off in a street tug o’ war battle against a Toyota Tacoma. Two 4x4s enter the arena…who’s bringing the heat?

The Jeep takes this battle almost effortlessly. It’s a beautiful sight.

Jeep pulls Toyota Tacoma

The Jeep is solid and bears down. With a higher hitch, it is at a disadvantage. But not this Jeep. It barely has a struggle before it is dragging the Tacoma with its wheels smoking.

Some comments on the video suggest this is just a fluke, and a lot of disagreement ensued as to whether a higher hitch was an advantage or disadvantage to the Jeep’s win. One Instagrammer, david.l.h.64, pointed out that “the Toyota outweighs the Jeep by about 300 lbs and with only mere inches of difference in hitch height…Toyota got out pulled by a better 4-wheel drive system.”

So turn the speakers and enjoy.


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