Jeep Wrangler JK Custom is Absolutely Hideous…and Dangerous

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Hideous Jeep Wrangler JK

Low-pro tires on a Jeep Wrangler is already bad enough, but the color scheme and no sideview mirrors make this thing even worse. 

People are entitled to do whatever they want with their vehicles; after all, they purchased them with their own hard-earned money. But there comes a time when some people simply need to be saved from themselves, like the above picture of an abominable Jeep Wrangler from Reddit.

Firstly, the tire/wheel combo makes absolutely no sense on a Jeep. Hell, they make no sense on any vehicle if you live in California, as its highways are notorious for having all sorts of cracks, debris and potholes (especially in Los Angeles County). Judging by the California license plate, its pretty safe to assume it roams around our neck of the woods. The fact that it also has a spare wheel in the back is also amusing.

These vehicles are meant for off-roading with decent adjustable suspension and grappling tires. However, there are a lot of Jeep owners who use them for anything but off-roading; sad, but very true. That said, we can’t really knock it too hard for that one. Then again, it does have the nerve to have a trailer hitch, as if it is actually going to tow anything.

Hideous Jeep Wrangler JK

Two-toned Jeep Wrangler is a No-no

Secondly, the two-tone red and white color scheme is incredibly gaudy and tragically tasteless. If the Swingin’ Sixties look is what this person was aiming for, they missed the mark pretty badly. It looks more like an incomplete peppermint candy piece rather than a piece of art.

This photo was taken by Redditor infinimony, who spotted this concatenation just outside of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Which would be the only place this thing would be welcome, anyway.

Illegal & Dangerous

Lastly, if the conspicuous color scheme wasn’t offensive enough for you, get a load of this. It has absolutely no sideview mirrors because the owner wasn’t savvy enough (or perhaps just didn’t care enough), to mount some sort of mirrors onto the fenders. So in short, it’s pretty much illegal anywhere it goes.

Redditor killapimp had plenty to opine about with this one:

“What’s worst [than] anything is Jeep owners who take the doors off and are too dumb to install side mirrors. I get it, It’s ‘cool’ to drive a car around without doors; what’s not cool is you running me off the road because you removed vital safety equipment from your car in the process.”

While we certainly don’t agree that Jeep owners are dumb by ANY means, we’re pretty confident he/she was speaking specifically about this one.

Despite being woefully classless, this Jeep Wrangler does at least have one thing going for it. The badging has been removed, so it isn’t easily recognizable brand-wise. Then again, that’s more of a plus for actual enthusiasts who aren’t looking for a “lifestyle” Jeep.

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