Could a Wrangler Put a Candidate in the Governor’s Seat?

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Never, ever underestimate the power of Jeep — even in the mudslinging world of politics.

In a story that still has me a bit baffled, it seems that a 2006 Wrangler with 80,000 miles is being credited with helping to boost the appeal of Tom Wolf in his run for governor of Pennsylvania, according to a report.

In fact, it appears that the Democratic candidate has been having trouble keeping the focus on him because the Jeep has been drawing so much attention on the campaign trail.

The blue 4×4, which has been featured in a number of Wolf campaign ads, is even said to have helped Wolf win the primary in May. Now, some opponents are attacking the Wolf Wrangler craze with ads attempting to poke fun at him and his ride, but it has done little to stop the candidate’s steam.

Whether the Jeep will drive Wolf into the governor’s seat remains to be seen, but it’s already proven that he couldn’t have picked a better vehicle in battling for PA’s top political seat.

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