Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Duo Challenge Mighty JK on Punishing Trail

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JKUs aren’t known for their stellar rock climbing abilities but this dirty pair shows the JK exactly who’s boss.

Though we’d have settled for a head-to-head style competition between a two-door Wrangler (JK) and the four-door Wrangler Unlimited (JKU), we certainly weren’t unhappy about watching this trio take on some rocky trails in Australia in the above video from YouTuber LROR. From the video description, they’re doing some rock crawling at Gees Arm South Trail, which is also known as Wheeny Creek. All three Jeeps are sitting on 37-inch tires, and the conditions are dry and dusty.

At the first area the white JKU gets a little contact coming down the bigger drop, while the JK and the black JKU come down without contact. The difference? All in the line. One thing we enjoy about this video and the back-to-back runs of these three capable Jeeps is how differently things go on the same terrain.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited rock crawling

Though the JKU’s get over the same terrain as the shorter JK, it’s with far more effort. The JK Wrangler is easily the more capable vehicle, thanks no doubt to its shorter wheelbase. Though, the driver isn’t immune from small mistakes, like forgetting to latch his passenger door shut. Since these are Australian Jeeps, the door flies open and bangs his fender, where a spotter then runs over and closes it for him.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited rock crawling

Section six is the most challenging, and the JK goes first. Look for the 10:45 mark. He makes at least three attempts, getting the Jeep stuck on a large rock at one point by bottoming out on the belly skid plate. Perhaps it was just the line, but the JK appeared to struggle. The white JKU drives up like it’s nothing. Though, notably, the driver takes a much easier line, avoiding the big rock that challenged the JK on the left. The black JKU take a middle ground approach and partially scales the challenging rock that nearly stumped the JK.

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