LeBron James’ Wrangler to be Auctioned

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I’m no huge LeBron James fan, but I certainly admire his taste in wheels, and I figure I’m as deserving of a King-themed Jeep as much as anyone else.

Hell, I’ve pulled off some pretty amazing feats myself over the course of my lifetime.

Of course, I’d need to come up with at least $50,000 for a chance to snatch up this Wrangler once owned by the NBA star. The rig is set to cross the auction block Saturday.


The 2010 Wrangler, being auctioned by Fusco Auctions in Ohio along with one of James’ rookie jerseys, features the MVP’s trademark lion’s head logo on everything from the headrests to the wheel centerpieces as well as some other specialty work.

Even better, the Jeep only has 3,200 miles on the odometer, which means it hasn’t even been broken in yet.

That $50,000 is the starting price for bidding on the Jeep, and doesn’t include the jersey, but with more than $30,000 in custom work, it’s still a deal for anyone who considers themselves royalty, or like me, someone who dreams of being a king.

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via [Cleveland.com]

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