Sounds Like a New Jeep Pickup Is a Done Deal

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a Jeep pickup is on its way. Given all the buzz around the idea and the somewhat evasive talk we’re hearing from Jeep about it, I’m starting to think it’s pretty much a done deal. At this point, it’s just a matter of when.

Take for example, the comments made by Jeep CEO and President Mike Manley in a recent Detroit News story: “I remain a big fan of a Jeep pickup,” he said. “I think we have history that says it belongs in our portfolio.”

But he didn’t stop there. “At this moment and time, I have higher priorities. That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t work on it, we’re not looking at it,” said Manley, adding he had “nothing further to add than that.”

Realistically, I’m not so sure that Jeep should even be concerned about adding a pickup to their current line-up. They seem to be doing quite well without one. And there have been questions raised about whether it could end up having a negative impact on the brand in the future.

However, I guess the best time to test the idea is when you’re hot, which Jeep certainly seems to be at the moment.

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via [Detroit News]

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