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JK-Forum Reviews the 2014 Compass Latitude 4X4

Jeep’s reputation for producing legendary off-roaders made life difficult for my 2014 Compass tester. It didn’t get the same treatment as my previous review vehicles from other manufacturers. It was a Jeep — and a “Trail Rated” one at that.

  Comments | By - September 24, 2014

JK-Forum Reviews the 2014 Cherokee Latitude 4X4

Does the new Cherokee do any justice to the previous generation?

  Comments | By - September 16, 2014

This JK has Mad Max Performance

Jeep introduced several prototype vehicles at the Easter Jeep Safari at Moab, UT. The Maximum Performance JK Wrangler Concept is said to be for the most hard-core. What does Jeep consider hard-core? Let’s look closer into the Maximum Performance Concept.

  Comments | By - May 14, 2014

Red Alert – Jeep Wrangler Level Red

Jeep introduced its Moab concept vehicles during the Easter Jeep Safari. This two-door JK Wrangler is known as Level RED and is named after the classification of the most difficult off-road trail. Is it red-trail capable or a red herring?

  Comments | By - May 12, 2014

The Canadian Automotive Press Really Likes the Jeep Cherokee

Canada has plenty of cold, unforgiving wilderness, but the country’s certainly been a warm, welcoming place for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. After competing for the affections of 80 journalists in last fall’s TestFest, the $33,160 mid-sizer drove off with the “Best New SUV/CUV Under $35,000” award from the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada. It left behind the Buick Encore, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4 AWD Limited and Subaru Forester XT Touring.

  Comments | By - May 6, 2014

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