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Turbocharging Tech: Better, Faster, and Even More Efficient

Turbos are going to get better, become faster, and be far more efficient than what we currently see. Here are a few ways your next turbocharged car will be better than your current one.

  Comments | By - December 29, 2015

Turbo Tech: Why Do Turbos Work So Well?

Here’s a great video featuring a legend in turbocharging. If you’re still on the fence about turbos, you may finally see the light.

  Comments | By - November 5, 2015

All About Turbochargers

Now that Chrysler has introduced the EcoDiesel, and Banks is introducing a 50-state-legal turbo kit for the Wrangler, let’s look into turbochargers.

  Comments | By - June 13, 2014