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So Cal Round Up - April 20th Camp/Wheel/BBQ at Corral Canyon

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Thumbs up So Cal Round Up - April 20th Camp/Wheel/BBQ at Corral Canyon

Thank you to all the awesome peeps who have signed up for the So Cal Round Up, a Family Style BBQ and trail run at Corral Canyon on April 20th - sign ups are now closed!


Moderate to Difficult Trails – 9:00 A.M. Start
For these trails we will run 2 groups:
The plan is to start one group on Sidewinder, the other group on Gunslinger through Bronco Peak. After Sidewinder group finishes they will jump on Gunslinger/Bronco peak, while the other group jumps on Sidewinder. That way the groups should be spaced out enough so there is no congestion on the trails.
Minimum Requirements: Tow point front and rear, and your own strap.
It is strongly advised that you have at least 33” AT tires, 2.5 inch lift, Sliders/rockers (body damage is possible), and a rear locker. (Note: There are bypasses on a lot of the trails, but not all obstacles will have a bypass). If you are new to wheeling and have very little experience, we recommend you participate in the Espinoza Loop run listed below.
Staging Area: Please be at 4 corners staging area and ready to go (aired down and sways disconnected) by 9:00 AM.

Easy/Family Trail – Espinoza Loop – 9:30 AM Start
The Easy/Family trail will be the Espinoza Loop ending at the fire watch tower.
Minimum Requirements: Although the trail is easy, it is recommended to have a tow point front and rear, and your own strap.
Staging Area: Please meet in the parking area approximately mile after you turn off of Buckman Springs road, heading towards the 4 Corners Staging area. We will have someone there to flag you down and direct you. The group will stop at 4 Corners on the way out to pick up any stragglers. If you plan to air down or disconnect your sway bars, please allow time to have this done by 9:30.


1. We have organized these runs for you to be led by an assigned trail lead team. For the moderate to difficult trails, the Trail Leads will make the final call on if your Jeep is up to the task, or if it will slow down the group too much. Any decisions made by the trails leads does not mean anyone dislikes you, we just have to get ~80 Jeeps in 3 groups through these trails and back before the BBQ starts.

2. We will have waivers for all participants in these organized trail runs to complete at the staging areas. We ask that, while participating in these organized runs, you follow the direction of your trail leads whose main objective is to get you all back to the BBQ safely, with no damage, and in time.

3. Should you desire to tackle any extremely difficult obstacles or trails (such as the connector) we ask that you please do this on your own, outside of the timeframe of these organized runs. (Just remember that you should never wheel alone, and that the BBQ will run from 2-4 PM with the door prize drawing immediately following, and you must be present to win.)

4. Please pack out what you pack in – do not litter the trails

5. Please no drinking alcoholic beverages while driving on the trails

6. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water

7. Bring snacks/lunches – you never know how long you’ll end up being on the trail

* Adventure Passes – we should be OK without these as long the vehicle is only staging for a short period of time and not going to be left sitting in the parking lot. If you plan on leaving a vehicle in the lot you may want to purchase a pass at any Big 5, Sport Mart or Sports Chalet).

4-Corners Staging area at Corral Canyon

GPS for Four Corners at Corral Canyon: 32.724453, -116.559212
Directions are as follows:
I-8 E
Take the Buckman Springs Rd exit 0.3 mi
Turn right at Buckman Springs Rd (signs for Campo) 3.3 mi
Turn right to stay on Buckman Springs Rd 167 ft
Continue on Morena Stokes Valley Rd 4.7 mi
Turn left to stay on Morena Stokes Valley Rd

From 2:00-4:00 PM, following the trail runs, we will have a BBQ at the day use open pavilion at nearby Lake Morena (approximately a 7-minute drive from Corral Canyon and Buckman Springs road).


**Every Jeep not camping will be required to purchase a $3 day pass at the Ranger Station.

Higher Ground Fab & Off-Road, 4X4 Laywer, ORW and Teraflex have generously agreed to provide the main course and fixins, but we are asking that you bring our own beverages, and if you're feeling generous, a side dish to share for at least 8 people.

* We will have some ice chests available in the BBQ area on Saturday morning for those of you who may need to drop your stuff off while you are on the trail runs.

While there are a few picnic tables at the day use area, please bring chairs, and any other items you wish to make yourself more comfortable (portable tables, etc.)

We will have the sponsors at the BBQ showing off their rigs and handing out swag and a few door prizes

A drawing will be held following the BBQ at 4:00 PM. There will be one entry per Jeep, and everyone signed up by the deadline will automatically have your screen name submitted for the drawing. You MUST be present to win!

Lake Morena Campground is full. Anyone who does not have a site yet, please post up on this thread...there may be someone with extra space. Otherwise there is camping in 2 campgrounds at Bronco Flats.

Campfires are permitted in fire rings only. If you want a fire, be sure to bring wood. ** Update** there is currently a restriction on camp fires at least through Thursday **

Please alse be sure to adhere to the campground rules, be respectful and clean up after yourselves. We will have quite a few Jeeps here and we want to leave a good impression and be invited back---because Jeepers are awesome!

Anyone who purchased t-shirts will be able to pick them up from one of us on Friday or we'll have them at the staging areas on Saturday

Deadline for sign-ups was Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 PM and is now closed


** For those of you who signed up on the "save the date" thread -- please let me know how many adults/children will be with you ASAP. Thanks!

1. sm_rubi & Blonda (2 adults) (Camping #58)
2. OVRNUNDER & BlueMouse (4 adults) (Camping #74)
3. HigherGround ( )
4. JKGypsy (1) (Camping #75/76)
5. Enclocal (2) (Camping #50)
6. Sgt Mac (1 adult, 3 children) (tentatively camping #72)
7. Rodcyn (2)
8. ZheGerman (2)
9. Willypapoo (1) (Camping #58)
10. DesertJeep (1 adult, 1 child) (Camping #70)
11. Tizzyusmc (1 adult ?)
12. *Seth* (2 adults, 1 child) (Camping #70)
13. Storm_Trooper (2 adults)
14. 619 JK (2 adults) (Camping #81)
15. gARY b (3 adults) (Camping)
16. WestTexasJK (1) (camping 78)
17. SDDan (2)
18. Punisher417 (1?)
19. Woody (1) (Camping #73)
20. The Duff (2)
21. TDogg (1)
22. Otisnruby (2 adults, ? kids) (Camping #77)
23. Oside49er (2) (Camping #33)
24. 951Jeep (2 adults, 1 child)
25. EasyE (6) (Camping #59)
26. 4X4Lawyer (?)
27. MIKE948 (1) (camping #78)
28. BigLow (1) (camping #79)
29. river2c (2) (camping)
30. EGalv55 (2) (camping)
31. glowstick (2)(camping)
32. Red Dog (3) (camping #38)
33. NDN_GREEN (2) (camping)
34. JK KIWI (1) (camping #66)
35. TeraFlex will be there with 1-2 JK's (1)
36. SoCalGSXR (3) (site #68)
37. aznJEEPgirl (2-1/2) (BBQ only)
38. Tanzelsdad (1)
39. Tanzelsdad +1 JK (TBD)
40. MRS JKMARINE (1) (camping #72)
41. JKMARINE (2) (camping #72)
42. Chakanator (3)
43. Tomslik (3 adults, 2 teens) (camping #36)
44. 08YELLO-RUBI (1) (camping #83)
45. wildandwillin (2?)
46. dhpinned (1+?)
47. Joegunner - NOT ATTENDING (pm him if camp site #62 needed)
48. SOCAL-JK (2)
49. Psychotic_fox92 (2)
50. Dmadole (4) (camping #63)
51. just JK'n (2)
52. fercho (3)
53. Goldfish - NOT ATTENDING
54. gonzo1308 (1)
55. FourxFourjeep (2)
56. Mrs. FourxFourjeep (1)
57. LostGirl (1)
58. PennysKilltheKoi (2)
59. challengersm (2 adults, 2 kids)
60. Sporticon (1 adult, 2 kids)
61. Shelbycullison (1?)
62. ORW (Jared) (1?)
63. Jumpnt & Wiebejammin (2?)
64. NewOldSchool (3 adults, 2 kids)
65. ROKN JK (2)
66. SPRKPLG08 (2)
67. 07tungsten (2)
68. Verdulken (1) (camping 78)
69. EGalve55 (1)
70. Sailinghickey (2)
71. Sailinghickey's friend (1)
72. xXRock11staRXx (2)
73. AGJK (1 adult, 1 child) (Camping)
74. bbrown626 (2)
75. Wrtusmc (2)
76. Brian34 (2)
77. buddyhydro (2)
78. Bully17 (1 - no jeep)
79. Kimbojo (2)
81. scripprrubi (1)
82. ttfhell (4)
83. jkzombiehunter (2)
84. Mjbjw (2 adults, 3 kids)
85. Out West (2 adults, 1 kid)
86. Merlin75 (1)
87. SquareLJ (1)
88. Corona Doug (1)
89. iadventure (1)

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The family and I are in for trails and camping. It will be me, my wife, and my daughter. Screen name is *Seth* and we will bring a side dish to the BBQ.
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Add 2 more adults for us
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Hey Dave is that one jeep four adults?

We booked site #58! What site did everyone book and what dish...hoping B brings her bean dip good stuff!
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Why are there two threads??? I reserved #75 & #76 for Friday and Saturday nights.
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Originally Posted by sm_rubi View Post
Hey Dave is that one jeep four adults?

We booked site #58! What site did everyone book and what dish...hoping B brings her bean dip good stuff!
yes sir, one Jeep, four adults. Site #74

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Originally Posted by jk gypsy View Post
Why are there two threads??? I reserved #75 & #76 for Friday and Saturday nights.
Just getting the hang of planning bigger more formalized events like this.
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We'll be there. Just me and Wyatt this trip. Camping, site 70. Sharing with *Seth* and his family.

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I'll be there plus one.
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1 Jeep / 2 Adults / Camping - #81

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Quick Reply: So Cal Round Up - April 20th Camp/Wheel/BBQ at Corral Canyon

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