Chrysler MS-6395/oil specification

Chrysler MS-6395/oil specification

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    Default Chrysler MS-6395/oil specification

    Chrysler material standard 6395, where can I read this myself.
    The manual for 2008 JK stats it's best to use oil that meets this standard, I've also seen oils that labeled themselves as meeting Chrysler MS-6395H and 6395M, what do the letters mean, and would an oil meeting/exceeding 6395M be just as acceptable as an oil that should meet standard 6395?

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    I'd like to know this too.
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    I found a 6395Q spec rating too. I think it was on Pennzoil synthetic. Maybe the letters are just updates to the spec, like the API Service grade has been upgraded by sequential letters in their duty rating. I'm just guessing here though.
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    From "Only use API Certified engine oils that meet the requirements of Chrysler's Material Standard MS-6395. MS-6395 contains requirements, not addressed by API Certification, that provide additional protection for Chrysler Group engines. All Chrysler Group gasoline engines, irrespective of model year, should be serviced with API Certified engine oils meeting MS-6395. Chrysler Group Engines are developed, certified and filled with engine oil of the designated viscosity grade, meeting MS-6395, and should be serviced with the correct viscosity grade engine oil..."

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Here's the article from which the above excerpt came:

    ["]enginebuildermag. com/Content/Site302/SpecialIssue/02_01_2008/3555Chrysler1pd_00000005691.pdf]
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