Falken rocky mountain ATS II tires???

Falken rocky mountain ATS II tires???

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    Default Falken rocky mountain ATS II tires???

    M thinking of buying Falken rocky mountain ATS II tires but I want to know what you guys think first I've got a buddy that's got them and likes them a lot he says there great on road and pretty good off road what do you guys think? Any other suggestions that are great on and off road

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    Running Cooper AT/3's on the wifes 07JKU and love them. I do have a set of Falken Wild Peaks on my Ford F150 supercab, and like them as well. Looks like the ATSII's are almost the same tread design as my WildPeaks. My Peaks have a treadwear warranty of 55K. They drive well on the highway and are very quiet for the agressive A/T tread, and also work very good in the rain and snow. The reason I went with the Falken's on the truck is they were about $10.00 less expensive than the Cooper AT/3's.
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    We run the Falken Rocky Mountains on our rig.Great tire,not the greatest mud tire.
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    No idea if there is any difference between the rocky mountain ATS & ATS II or the wild peak A/T & A/T2, (meaning the 1's vs the 2's, not rockymountain vs wildpeak...) but I am running 325/80/16 rocky mountain ATS and like them a lot so far. (and saving over $100/tire vs my other 37" options was a bit of a plus). Haven't found any mud since I've had them, but unlike some other posts you will see, I don't expect a milder AT tread to be able to compete with the more aggressive offroad tires...

    Plenty of threads on these, here are a few that a quick one word search provided.

    Old thread with comments by the Falken rep

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    Default Great for a daily driver.

    I've been running thw Rocky Mtns 35x12.5 for a year and dind them a good A/T tire. They work well and fairly quiet on roads aand work well on dirt & rock even on rain. They could be better in mud & and snow but that's why they make the mud tire.

    I got mine at Discount Tire w/ the Road Hazard warranty and only had to pay $48 for the new tire & warranty when I sliced a side wall on Engineer Pass, CO.
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