Built Jeep JK to Decimate Boulders in Trail-only Cross Country Trip

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Forget about a weekend warrior. These YouTubers intend to take on the entire country with Jeep full of carefully-curated parts.

We’d argue that no vehicle on the planet is better suited for overlanding duty right out of the box than the Jeep Wrangler. With a perfect mix of off-road capability and utility, all you have to do is order up some parts, bolt them on, and head out to some rugged terrain for days at a time. The Jeep that stars in this video from ExtremeTerrain.com is a bit different, however. The goal of these mods aren’t just to make it look cooler or hit the trails on the weekends. No, this Jeep build’s goal is to cross the entire country – off-road.

An ambitious goal, indeed. But surprisingly, not one that requires any kind of crazy equipment. In fact, this build looks an awful lot like your average bolt-on Jeep. Albeit with a few more added storage solutions, because you need lots of gear for an epic trip like this one. All that gear adds lots of weight as well, so suspension plays a big role here too. Not just for handling the rocky terrain.

Jeep JK

“Space is a premium,” the Jeep owner said. “We’re trying to figure out how to fit everything we need for the excursion. When you’re 40 miles out you can’t just turn around.” Thus, this build starts at the foundation – the suspension. The team at Extreme Terrain installs a 1.5-inch Teraflex lift kit with some hubcentric spacers to address any concerns there. It sounds modest, but it’s more than enough to get the job done.

The money saved on the lift kit went into a set of Teraflex Falcon 3.3 adjustable shocks, however. Their high levels of adjustability are perfect for a trip like this, which features all different sorts of terrain. A new set of ball joints rounds out the upgrades underneath.

Jeep JK

Next up – armor. The crew installs a skid plate underneath, a Redrock front bumper with winch, and rock sliders. KC Highlites help ensure the owner can light up the darkest of deserts, and and an LoD high-lift jack mount and jack ensures he can deal with the inevitable flat.

Jeep JK

Finally, a big old roof rack gives this two-door Jeep more than enough extra storage space for a cross-country trip. And if you want to follow along as it slow crawls its way across the U.S., you can do so via Instagram by heading over here!

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