Rust in Peace: Getting Rid of Underbody Rust on Your Jeep

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Rust is can be a real nuisance when it comes to vehicle car. Here’s how JK-Forum members keep their Jeeps sparkly-clean.

For some, things like mud and rust aren’t a big deal. Just part of the game when you’re a Jeep guy. But many of us also can’t stand dealing with the inevitable underbody rust. It’s just a major eyesore that annoys us every time we look at our beloved rides. And it eventually leads to a much bigger problem. Thus, JK-Forum member NeoJeo went to the forum to seek an answer for his rusty Jeep underbelly.

“What would be the best option to cover/stop underbody rust? Spray over the rust with Rustoleum? Get an oil base spray?”

Unsurprisingly, several members chime in with some tried and tested solutions. Beginning with resharp001.

“I believe Rednroll still uses this method, is in your area, and has good results. In the end, there is no way of getting around minor maintenance and touch ups if you off-road at all. Seems like other alternatives I see people talking about are POR 15, or just coating the heck out of the underside with Fluid Film at regular intervals.”

Jeep Underbody Rust

Member casamtb prefers to use something a little different, but clearly also has had great results.

“I have had good luck with the Rust Reformer. I clean the undercarriage well and use about 4 cans of it each fall on mine. I’ll wire brush bad spots. Usually in the corner welds. I never understood using things like POR 15 on something that gets wheeled. It’s going to get scraped off.

So any strategy that doesn’t include regular reapplication seems like a lie to me. $6 a can. $25 a year and it is working well going into my 6th Ohio winter. I have some buddies that use FF. I’m skeptical about putting it on moving or bolted parts or having wax residue to deal with. I may try it on the frame. But only the frame.”

Jeep Underbody Rust

Regardless, quite a few other members have used both Rust Reformer and truck bed spray-on coating with great results. Still, we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us your recipe for fighting off that dreaded underbody rust.

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