C’mon Baby, Light My Jeep Grill Fire!

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If you’re on Instagram (and who isn’t?), you have most likely seen this awesome Jeep-inspired fire pit. But what you may not know is the background behind this awesome piece of art, and how it came to be. The collapsible fire pit and grill was made by Scott M., one of the owners of Jeep Asylum, as well as Dirty’s Garage. He built it as a prize for the winner of the first-ever Barbie Jeep Races between Jeep Asylum and JK-Forum.

This fire pit not only allows you to be within the confines of the law — which mandates no ground fires in many of our desert areas and is enforced by Park Rangers and the BLM alike — but its design allows for campers with limited space (like most Jeepers) to carry it in the cargo area.

This is a huge benefit over the washer drums most of us use, which causes us to need a trail rack outside the Jeep just to carry the darn thing. For those in the RV community, it allows for  transport in the under cargo areas, safely stored away during transportation. A prize like this really helped motivate participants and light their competitive fires. If you were not lucky enough to make it out to the King of the Hammers, you can catch all the action you missed in this outstanding photo recap!

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