See How Dirt Every Day Prepped a TJ For ‘Ultimate Adventure 2017’

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When prepping an older Jeep for days in the wild, you need to bring some extra equipment and pack smartly.

Of all the Jeeps to get screen time on Dirt Every Day, their scratch-built TJ named Tube Sock might be our favorite. It’s one of the older builds, hailing from 2014, but it’s received consistent attention and upgrades over the years. Our favorite upgrade came last year when Fred swapped in a 2.8-liter Cummins diesel engine, creating what might be a near-perfect adventure machine.

But every adventure wagon needs some preparation before a long trip, and Tube Sock is no exception. For Ultimate Adventure 2017, Fred made sure the Jeep was ready with spare rubber, extra fuel, and more. Of course, as a veteran off-roader, he knows that you don’t just strap a bunch of stuff to your Jeep and call it a day. Everything needs to be organized, attached securely, and pared down to the essentials.

In this free episode of Dirt Every Day Extra, we get insight into how Fred prepares and why he builds things the way he does. He has a full-size spare, a set of tools, fire extinguisher, tow tools, extra fuel and more. All of it is contained in a tight package, with nothing hanging off the TJ.

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Not even the creator of Tetris could have managed a better job packing this Jeep together. It’s a great look into the creative organization and packing skills, and for those first-time adventurers, there are some invaluable tips in this short video. Like making sure your fire extinguisher is in a spot where anyone can see and reach it if needed.

Hit that play button and learn something. It could make your next trail ride a lot nicer.

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