FCA Issues Statement Regarding Jeep Hacking

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Here it is, the official word from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles regarding that Jeep hacking story that’s been all the buzz since breaking yesterday.

“To FCA’s knowledge, there has not been a single real world incident of an unlawful or unauthorized remote hack into any FCA vehicle,” writes Gualberto Ranierias on the official FCA blog.

So, does that mean FCA simply didn’t know about the incident (which we covered here)? Because a Wired reporter clearly said that his Jeep Cherokee had been hacked, while driving, by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who hacked in through the vehicle’s infotainment system. Or is the company saying that the incident simply didn’t happen? Or perhaps they’re saying it doesn’t count as a “real world incident”?

It could be me, but I’m not exactly sure what to make of FCA’s response.

What is clear from the blog post is that FCA admits that there have been issues with the touch screen system in some 2013 and 2014 models, like the Jeep in the Wired story. But the company goes on to state that there was a software update issued, which fixes the vulnerabilities to the system.

FCA also suggests that Jeep owners contact the customer care center at 877-855-8400 to see if they might need the software update.

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