French Jeep Build Packs Vintage Hot Rod Flair

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Jeep Hot Rod

Jeep rods are nothing new but this Instsgrammer’s insane build pulls off the look better than any we’ve ever seen before.

As you already know, Jeep is all about off-roading. This has been true since the very beginning, when the U.S. Military sought out a vehicle that could go anywhere. But that hasn’t stopped a few brave souls from transforming various Jeep models into hot rods over the years. Heck, we’ve even seen one that’s been redesigned to carve corners. But one of the most interesting and unique Jeep hot rods we’ve seen in a long time comes to us from French builder Danton Arts Kustoms.

Which is pretty ironic in itself, when you think about it. Few things are as distinctly American as hot rods and the Jeep brand. But what might be the most quintessential old school hot rod Jeep we’ve ever seen was actually built in France. A place known for its bread and exquisite art. And to be honest, they pulled off the look better than we could have hoped for.


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This will definitely be my favorite build ! This Jeep is made for Harley Davidson valence France .hd family 26 #dantonartskustoms #hotweels #hotweelsofficial #hotrod #kustom #monaco #luxe #steel #racer #jeep #moppar #willyswagon #commando #jeepstagram #jeepwrangler #boys #ink #inkedboy #willys #bigfoot #truck #harley #cars #harleydavidson @serge_pinet_

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This insane build looks exactly like your typical ’30s street rod, in fact. Save for that unmistakable grille, of course. Otherwise, the fenderless creation packs a chopped top complete with a vinyl insert. Not to mention what appears to be a small block Chevy V8 and side pipes. The whole thing is, to put it bluntly, mind-blowing. But if you peruse some of Danton’s other wild creations, not totally unexpected.

Danton built this wild ride for Harley-Davidson Valence France, hence the orange and black color theme. And though it’s obviously going to draw some strong reactions, we must say, we’re kinda digging it. While many other hot rod Jeep builds look awkward or out of place, this one actually pulls off the look flawlessly. And that in itself is good enough reason to give it a thumbs up.

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