How-To Spotlight: Paint Your JK Brake Calipers

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Painted calipers are not limited to sports cars. Find out how to spice up the brakes on your JK.

For some reason, a painted brake caliper option is seen most frequently on a sports car. But there’s really no good reason why we’re not seeing it more frequently in the Jeep community. There may be a misconception that only fast cars are allowed to have painted calipers. We’re not sure. Could be that the JK community simply knows that once you have mud all over your tires, you can’t see the caliper color anyway. Either way, painted calipers are another quick way to set your JK apart from the next. And when done properly, it looks darn good.

Jeep Caliper

The most common aftermarket caliper color that you will find is red. You could probably blame Porsche for that. It may be a chargeable upgrade from the factory to not have red brake calipers on a Porsche. As such, the bright red caliper is a popular look on many makes and models, even in the Jeep community. A quick internet search will reveal around one billion white, gray, or black vehicles with red calipers. Let’s be honest, it’s not a bad look.

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But when it comes to installing calipers, what options do JK owners have? Well, the DIY option is always on the table, and why you are likely here in the first place. Today’s How-To Spotlight article walks you through the process of taking on the painted brake caliper project at home. The article goes through a step-by-step process to give you the absolute best results for the project. No matter if you go with the red calipers or some other color, we feel that you’ll be happy with the look… but if not, just pick another color and give it a go again!

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