Jeep Cherokee Makes Most Hackable List

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Here’s a bit of information you might find interesting. While most have been raving over the new Jeep Cherokee, it also has been rated as one of the most hackable new cars on the market.

Yup, that’s right, the “most hackable” as in one of the easiest vehicles for those computer freaks to take over, according to a CNN Money report.

The claim stems from a review of 20 cars by a team of researchers who determined that having the Cherokee’s apps, Bluetooth and telematics connected to the same networks as the engine controls, steering, brakes and tire pressure monitor system makes the SUV more susceptible to hacking.

Other “most hackable” vehicles noted in the report include the Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti Q50 and the Toyota Prius. The least hackable cars were the Dodge Viper, Audi A8 and Honda Accord, according to the study.

Chrysler was quick to note that all their vehicles are equipped with security systems that help minimize the risk from “real-world threats” like thieves trying to gain access to their in-car vehicle systems.

Still, it’s certainly a sign of the times when you consider how measuring a Jeep’s durability has evolved from just off-roading to its ability to fend off computer hackers.

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