Chapter 4: Rollcage and Interior

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For the 2011 Ultimate Adventure, Zone Offroad Products created the Jeep-equivalent of Wolverine: a 1990 Comanche with a metal skeleton top to bottom.

The crew installed a complete tubular rollcage that stretched from the engine compartment, across the interior, out the back window, down through the bed floor and onto the reinforced frame.

Zone also sleeved the axle tubes on the Dana 44 in the front to add rigidity, and upgraded the knuckles to high-strength pieces.

Inside, everything was gutted to make room for new PRP seats, which were custom-piped to coordinate with Project MJ’s eventual exterior color.

Something tells me that no matter what paint was applied, this rig ended up looking brown after the Ultimate Adventure.

Check out the next stage of the build below and then click the “Next” button to see the engine prep stage.


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