What Have You Done to Your Jeep This Week?

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JK Forum Members Show off Another Week of Do-It-Yourself Duties

What’s the point of owning a Jeep if you don’t ever modify the thing, right?

Of course, if you frequent JK Forum, you’re fully aware that we hold customizing in the highest esteem. In fact, it probably explains why some of the most popular posts here have centered on things our community members have done to their Jeeps.

That said, we’re still find ourselves amazed at the wide range of customizations people often do to their Jeeps, which make the SUV a bit more personal. There’s no better examples of such than the many posted in the ever-enlightening thread titled, “What Have You Done to Your Jeep this Week?

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Take, for example, JK Forum member dbo342000, who built a booster seat for his dog to ride up front and still be able to look out the window. The seat has even been designed so that his dog won’t fall into the foot-well when driving over bumps or hitting the brakes too hard.

Dbo342000 also posted about the installation of his 50″ light bar and pods, which he won in a raffle. Next up, will be wiring the lighting system, so keep your eyes peeled.

Then, there’s JK Forum member 41565chevelle, who installed an armored front fender that he made for his Wrangler Unlimited. He’s even considering putting together a kit for the idea, if there’s enough interest.

Other mods include everything from a simple window tint to adding a Spiderweb Shade. And there’s much more! So check them out, and while you’re at, why not post up what you’ve done to your JK this week?

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