Jeep J10: So Good, Chrysler Had to Discontinue It

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Jeep J10

Chrysler’s takeover of AMC meant the J10 was put on the chopping block in favor of RAM trucks. This auction piece is one of 1000.

Chrysler’s acquisition of AMC saved the Jeep brand from extinction, and likely saved Chrysler themselves from the same fate, too. During the merger, changes simply had to be made in order to prevent some model redundancy, and Jeep‘s J10 truck, like the auction example pictured above from Street Side Classics, was one of those vehicles that got the ax. After all, Chrysler wasn’t about to just let their Dodge brand go by the wayside in favor of a new brand association.

By the time the J10 was cancelled in 1988, it had already lived a full live. Twenty five years of production began in 1962, and the shape and design remained largely unchained, though over time it grew a front end to reflect a shared platform with the Grand Wagoneer. Production dwindled down significantly for the last year of production for the J10. In fact, just about 1000 were made in that final year, making this one of the more rare models to come across.

Jeep J10

Power in this particular J10 comes from AMC’s 360 cubic inch V8, and it has covered an astonishing 200,000 miles. Granted, a recently re-built engine and transmission, combined with a root beer colored re-paint mean this car hardly shows its age or mileage at all. While not quite a full restoration, this truck is more to our style, being a “drivers” truck. You can hop in it, drive it every day, and even exercise the 4×4 system. That’s better than having a pristine off-roader which would just stay in a bubble.

Jeep J10

If off-roading was in your plans, Mickey Thompson wheels and tires add needed ground clearance, while aesthetically matching the truck quite well. As well, you’ll be comfortable when out in the wild due to air conditioning. After all, it looks like a Grand Wagoneer, and is as comfortable as that Jeep, because they are based on the same chassis. But with the J10, you get the utility of a big boxy truck bed, too.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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