Procharged Jeep SRT Smokes Mustang GT in Drag Race

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Blown Jeep SRT owner didn’t build his daily to be a Trackhawk or Mustang killer, but that’s exactly what it has already become.

Fast Jeeps are really nothing new. After all, we’ve had the SRT Grand Cherokee around for quite some time now. And even in stock form, the Jeep SRT is pretty darn quick. Packing a 475 hp, 6.4-liter Hemi, it’s capable of running 0-60 in just 4.4-seconds and conquering the quarter mile in only 13-seconds flat. Sure, the Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee pales in comparison to the new Trackhawk and its Hellcat-derived powertrain, but it’s also quite a bit cheaper.

So what do you do with the money you save opting for the “lesser” speed demon Jeep SRT? Well, you slap a ProCharger on it, that’s what. At least, that’s what the YouTuber known as EastCoastJeepSRT has done with his ‘ute. Fresh off installing the new huffer, he immediately heads out for some “testing” at Atco Dragway. Where he just so happens to line up against the much-ballyhooed Mustang GT.

ProCharged Jeep SRT

On this particular day, the owner decides to fuel up with some MS109 instead of just doing pump gas. That allows him to run a more aggressive tune and eek out a few more ponies. And it certainly works wonders. Lined up against a newish Mustang, the Jeep SRT driver cuts a relatively slow light, but quickly reels in the pony car and leaves him in the dust.

ProCharged Jeep SRT

That, despite a transmission that doesn’t exactly seem to be shifting at a lighting quick pace. Still, the Jeep managed a pretty nice pass of 11.90 at 115 mph. Good enough to beat the Mustang by a full second, in fact.

ProCharged Jeep SRT

Still, our driver admits that it “isn’t as fast as he wanted.” Unfortunately, another driver broke and spilled oil down the length of the track, so he wasn’t able to make a follow up pass this time out. And even though he admits that he didn’t build this thing to be a “Trackhawk killer,” it’s obviously getting there.

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