Jeep with Blown Hemi Power Ready to Rock SEMA 2018

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Jeep JK Rawbicon

‘Rawbicon’ has a beastly 6.4-liter Hemi topped with a tried-and-true Magnuson supercharger for that extra ‘umph.’

As you probably know by now, the annual SEMA show is perhaps the largest automotive spectacle on earth. Set in the equally excessive confines of Las Vegas, SEMA attracts not only the latest and greatest parts and accessories on the planet, but also some of the wildest builds you’ll ever see. And each and every year, participants work hard to outdo themselves and each other. But even though SEMA hasn’t even kicked off yet, we’re betting that Raw Motorsports’ insane Jeep JK build is going to steal the show.

Originally reported by CarBuzz, “Rawbicon” is a 2012 Jeep JK that is both awesome under the hood and to gawk at. Which is all-important at SEMA. It sits up high on massive 40-inch Toyo tires and 20-inch Fuel Off-road beadlock wheels. It has loads of Raw parts, of course, including custom bumpers with built-in exhaust out back. Heck, it even has a killer My Top electric convertible top, perfect for those surprise summer rain showers.

But the secret sauce in this killer Jeep JK build actually lies under the hood. There you’ll find a beastly 6.4-liter Hemi, topped with the proverbial cherry that is a Magnuson supercharger. Backed by a six-speed transmission, this trail-tackling beast would probably outrun a lot of modern muscle in a straight line, too.


Of course, no proper Jeep JK build would be complete without a laundry list of suspension mods. Thus, Rawbicon packs an entire catalog of goodies. That includes King coilovers, air bump stops, beefy sway bars, and built dual Dana diffs. Heck, it even has a set of Rockslide Engineering electric rock slider steps. Because, well, SEMA.

SEMA Jeep JK Rawbicon

It all adds up to one of the cooler Jeep JK builds you’ll ever see. But thankfully, this is no show queen. In fact, it’s a customer build specifically spec’d out for hardcore use. So when it finishes its time in the limelight, this Wrangler is going to hit the trails!

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