Jeep Thief Travels 3,400 Miles in Two Days — Take that Bugatti

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I guess there’s just no underestimating a Jeep’s capabilities even when it comes to speed. Yup, that’s right, speed, which is about the only way you can explain how a stolen 2012 Jeep Patriot could make its way 3,400 miles across the country in just two days.

The SUV, reportedly stolen in Miami, was discovered by police in a small town in the state of Washington near the Canadian border, as detailed in a CBS 12 report. Authorities are still trying to figure out who drove the Jeep, but it’s the vehicle’s travel time that has most puzzled.

According to Google Maps, the thief would’ve had to drive the Jeep at an average speed of about 68 mph without ever stopping to pull off the caper, which leads me to believe he was probably driving that Patriot a whole lot faster.

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