Rugged Ridge Dons Aggressive New Logo, Revamps Product Design

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Rugged Ridge

New branding is a stronger, more modern interpretation of the great outdoors that all Jeep enthusiasts know and love.

Jeep enthusiasts are simply enthralled when it comes to the great outdoors; no river goes uncrossed, no gorge goes unexplored and no rock goes unclimbed. Which is why Rugged Ridge, the leading manufacturer of high-quality Jeep, truck and off-road parts and accessories, now has an all-new logo for its line of Jeep accessories and floor liners. And boy, is it aggressive-looking. 

This change comes on the heels of a new design philosophy based on a more aggressive and contemporary concept, signaling a fresh approach to the Rugged Ridge’s branding strategy. The imagery represents a more modern interpretation of the mountains and trails, alluding to the promise of adventure that Jeep enthusiasts live for

Rugged Ridge Origins

Rugged Ridge was established in 2005 by parent company Omix-ADA to function as its aftermarket Jeep accessories brand. For the past 14 years, the company has created thousands of Jeep Wrangler accessories, servicing the needs of the Jeep and off-road communities.

New Ownership

Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge was purchased by Truck Hero Inc in 2017. This change in ownership, along with the launch of the 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler, inspired renewed ideology in product design: to aggressively engineer the most innovative products available for today’s discerning Jeep owner. A commitment to deliver materials of exceptional quality, precise fitments and the finest premium finishes available in the industry today. 

“We took our experience from developing thousands of Jeep accessories and combined it with the knowledge and support of Truck Hero Inc. to decide where we should take our brand over the coming decade,” said Henk van Dongen, Director of Marketing at Rugged Ridge, in a recent press statement. “With the excitement surrounding the new Wrangler JL, our innovative design philosophy strives to raise the standard in the marketplace. We’re excited to debut our updated branding and logos to reflect these changes.”

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