Man Survives Tornado in Jeep

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Jeep Cherokee

I’ve heard about some amazing stories of survival in a Jeep, but hearing about Andy Wallace’s recent ordeal in a Grand Cherokee is certainly one of the most chilling ones I’ve heard in a while.

The North Carolina resident was recently caught in a category-two tornado that lifted his Jeep in the air as he was trying to escape the storm that completely destroyed his home.

“Everything around me was twirling: debris, limbs. The Jeep comes off of the ground. I started to spin, and at that moment I didn’t know what to do, but when it came back down enough that I could touch the ground, I sped out of the driveway into the highway,” Wallace told WCTI 12 News.

Even more amazing, the Jeep hardly had any damage, which further demonstrates that Jeeps are rolling fortresses.

Check out the full news report here.

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