Moab Hero: the Fallen Heros Jeep

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It’s time to catch up with Bill Craig (known as “DesertJeep” here on the forums). He’s the guy who drove the Fallen Heros Jeep for the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

Bill Craig arrived in Moab on the night of April 13th with the Fallen Heroes Jeep. There were plans to repaint the JK, but those fell through and paint will be done when it gets back to Phoenix, Arizona.

The Fallen Heroes Jeep is looking for a sponsor for paint, so if you want to put your name behind a great cause, contact them by clicking here.


It would only be a single day for the Fallen Heroes Jeep to drive, but it was a good one. They not only had fun, but also they brought in $421 towards Homes for Our Troops. It looked like it was a blast, and the Fallen Heroes Jeep tackled the trails with no fuss. Be sure to follow the FHJ at

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