Road & Track Takes Notes on the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Oscar Mike Edition

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Changing a successful product is a real catch-22. If you alter it too much, you risk alienating your original customers; however, if you just leave it as is for too long, consumers might accuse you of being out of date.

At the Road & Track offices, that’s the situation in which Jeep finds itself with its 2014 Wrangler Oscar Mike Edition … “Oscar Mike” translates to “On the Move” or “On Mission” in armed forces parlance.

Road test editor Robin Warner says, “The Wrangler rides softer, runs more smoothly, and generally deals with on-road activities better than ever,” but in the process, the R&T scribe says the military-inspired rig has lost its cool, and that its live axles and terrible aerodynamics make it an on-road dinosaur compared to modern SUVs.

Alex Kierstein, Road & Track’s web editor, thinks the new Wrangler has some of the rough-and-tumble suspension character of the old Jeep CJ5. Kierstein says the JK OME’s interior is quiet, but that it needs a new engine, such as the VM Motori 2.8-liter diesel. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Check out Jeep’s attempt at threading a needle in the gallery below.

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