Super Bowl Ad ‘Jeep Jurassic’ a Huge Hit with Fans & Critics

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Jeep ad wins big using the power of nostalgia, a cool ride, and Jeff Goldblum.

The Monday morning quarterbacks have much to analyze post-Super Bowl; no, not the game–the commercials. And Jeep was a clear winner of the night, each of their three spots garnered praise, and struck the perfect tone with audiences (unlike some other auto ads, ahem, we’re looking at you Dodge Ram). We were especially partial to the third spot, named Jeep Jurassic, a throwback to the 1993 flick that added a twist and a pitch perfect performance by Jeff Goldblum.

Jeep Jurassic Super Bowl ad

The commercial finds Goldblum back in the original Jurassic Park in a 1993 Jeep Wrangler trying to outrun a T-Rex. Then, Goldblum is behind the wheel present day, driving a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, once again on the run from the tyrannosaurus. This time, however, he is utilizing all the new features of the 2018 Wrangler to outsmart the dinosaur. Goldblum gets one over on the beast, escapes, and says “How’d you like me now, my friend?”

Then we see that Goldblum is actually sitting in a Jeep dealership. A salesperson asks “Would you like to take it for a test drive?” And Goldblum with a smirk and perfect intensity murmurs, “I just did.” Jeep drops the solid tagline: Evolution in its purest form.

Jeep Jurassic Super Bowl ad

According to AdWeek, DDB Chicago, who created the ad, focused on the “nimble maneuverability and impressive capability” of the brand-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. The spot was directed by Colin Trevorrow, the co-writer and executive producer of the upcoming June release Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

What did you think of this soon-to-be-classic Super Bowl spot?

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