D.I.Y.: Adding Power Windows to Your Wrangler

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JK Wrangler Power Window Switch Block

If your Jeep Wrangler JK came with manual windows, you can install power windows for less than $800 and a little elbow grease.

While many of the Jeep Wranglers from the JK generation came with power windows, those shoppers who went with entry-level models would have had manual roll-up windows. Manual windows certainly aren’t the worst thing in the automotive world, but with power windows being so common, this is a feature that most of us would like to have. Fortunately, one of JK-Forum‘s members put together a great DIY thread explaining how to add power windows to your Wrangler. And all said and done, this project will cost you less than $800 for a four-door model.

The Introduction

JK Wrangler Power Window Switch

This JK Wrangler power window DIY thread was originally posted to the forum by “bcash616” and he includes all of the information needed to get rid of your manual roll-up windows. Before getting into the DIY, he explained how and why he got to undertaking this project.

“Like many others on this forum, I purchased a Jeep JK without power windows and soon regret this decision. I had come across a brand new 2014 JK Unlimited at a deal that was too hard to pass up! This JK had 4 doors, an Auto tranny, 3.73 gears, and a tow package all that I wanted at a stripped down price of 24,600 out the door! I knew that I was going to lift this Jeep and purchase aftermarket wheels & tires along with many other mods, so paying premium pricing for items that I would soon remove seemed like a foolish matter.

Actually it just helped justify the fact that I couldn’t get the wife on board with me spending 35k for a new JK, and I wanted a new one with the 3.6l engine and automatic tranny, so the price limit was set, and the rest is history!

After spending 8 months manually rolling up and down all FOUR windows EVERY TIME I was in and out of the Jeep, I decided to start researching Power windows and power door locks/keyless entry. I soon found that many people on different forums had started the conversion, but never seemed to finish, or they installed aftermarket switches instead of the factory ones, and I was determined to have a factory look!

To many people’s dismay, and with the help of one forum member, I was able to piece this system together and I am proud to say that it CAN BE DONE! I wanted to write this to help anyone else that might be interested in doing this swap, or that might need help finding all the part numbers.”

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