XJ Jeep Cherokee Gets Wet & Wild With No Doors & Big Tires

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Two buddies in a stripped-down XJ Cherokee drive through a river and fling up mud, going places their Toyota 4Runner can’t.

No front doors, no snorkel, no problem. Almost nothing stops the guys in this XJ Jeep Cherokee from having fun after a rainstorm.

Zach and Gabe from the Youtube channel Novice Garage recently washed their ’91 Cherokee…then promptly got it filthy. In the video up top, they take their rig known as “Big Red” out to a local river…for a leisurely drive through it. You read that right. Not across. Through. Given that Big Red doesn’t have front doors on it, Zach and Gabe are destined to become just as filthy as it. It’s not long until the water reaches the floorboards.

At one point, the stream is so deep on the passenger’s side that Gabe has to bail out. It looks as if Zach may have gotten them stuck and that he might have to winch Big Red out of the muck. Fortunately, the engine stays lit, allowing Zach to move forward, then back out of the sticky situation, much to Gabe’s amazement.

jk-forum.com XJ Jeep Cherokee Drives Through a River

The two press on, steadily covering Big Red and themselves – and even their camera lens – with more and more flecks and globs of thick mud. It only gets worse when the duo swaps seats and Gabe puts his right foot down. They soon stop on pavement to look at how thoroughly Mother Nature repainted their XJ and realize that it got them through places their Toyota 4Runner wasn’t able to.

jk-forum.com XJ Jeep Cherokee Drives Through a River

Cold, wet, and filthy, the guys end their day of mischief and mudding with a couple of drive-thru coffee drinks. That’s definitely not the ending we saw coming to this adventure, but it doesn’t really matter what they ordered. Whatever they would’ve consumed would’ve been flavored with the sweet taste of victory.

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