Expedition Prepped Jeeps are Simply the Best

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A few months back, we took a look at the awesome “Expedition Jeeps” thread, and since then, you guys have kept adding more and more photos. Not only have you been adding photos, but you have been sharing exploits of amazing trips you have taken with friends and family to far off, hard-to-reach places.

I just want to say thanks for keeping the thread alive, and thanks for going out there and getting dirty. A Jeep is no better than a Camry if you only ever use it to commute. So keep packing up those roof racks, keep needing those snorkels, and keep getting lost in the wilderness. Just make sure you have your camera handy when you are doing all those things. We still want photos, after all.

If you don’t see shots of your Jeep here, I’m sorry. We only went with ten photos and we can’t post them all. I’m sure we will visit this thread for the front page again soon, so get your pictures posted and we’ll keep checking.

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