Jeep Gladiator Makes Boulders Look Like Simple Speed Bumps

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If you want to show off your boulder-taming expertise without leaving the parking lot, this man-made park is the place you want to be.

For decades, Jeep has produced some of the most iconic and capable off-road vehicles on the planet. So what sense does it make to not take advantage of those capabilities? Thus, most Jeep fans spend their extra time doing just that. Pushing their machines to the limit in an attempt to see just how far they can expand the envelope. And you won’t find many tougher tests of man and machine than rock crawling. It’s quite simply a great way to either experience glory or succumb to a pile of broken parts.

That latter (and expensive) aspect of rock crawling isn’t enough to deter its fans, of course. Heck, at the undisclosed off-road park depicted in this video from YouTuber Sharpens Best, countless attendees throw everything they’ve got at a course created by man. Well, with a little help from nature, of course. The obviously tough and perilous course is certainly not for beginners, but that doesn’t stop our Jeep conglomerate from diving in head (or hood) first.


Total Jeep Domination

The festivities kick off with nothing less than a killer Army green J-Series Gladiator pickup. Which gets pretty sideways while traversing the sketchy path, hitting angles that keep the rear bumper on the ground. Angles that are rather butt-puckering, according to the video’s narrator.


The old-school pickup is surrounded by a host of Jeep Wranglers of various vintages. The red and yellow-flamed one, in particular, makes short work of every rock he comes across. An Unlimited with a mild lift doesn’t fare as well, but eventually conquers the same hill with a little work. And that’s what this little man made park is all about. It’s a great place to test your skills (and your Jeep), all without having to leave the comfy confines of a parking lot.

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