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Jeep JL Wranger

With prices starting out near $30k and rising to nearly $60k, has the JL Wrangler gotten too expensive for its own good?

Rising automobile prices are as inevitable as taxes and death. With each generation, cars and trucks get more and more expensive – it’s just science. But you can’t blame folks for getting a bit of sticker shock when shopping for insanely popular vehicles like the new Jeep JL Wrangler. Things like inflation, demand, and technology all play a part in making a once basic, inexpensive vehicle cost more. And it had JK Forum member necros wondering – what is it that has driven even base JL prices through the roof?

“I understand there’s this thing called inflation and stuff gets more expensive over the years. But I’ve been looking online at a 2019 Wrangler. My old one was a 2008 Unlimited X, not too many bells and whistles, came in at like $27,000. Building a 2019 online and adding the stuff I want it comes out to nearly $40,000! I mean, I know it should be more expensive than 11 years ago, but still. What’s so different about the 2019s that makes them so much more expensive? At this point, I don’t think I could afford a new one at all.”

Jeep JL Wrangler

It’s no surprise that the Wrangler has been selling like hotcakes in recent years, which obviously plays a part in this surge as ronjenx points out.

“The Wrangler is in high demand. The price is driven by that demand. Not much else can be said about that.”

RedRubycon also notes that the JL, being the first brand new Wrangler in quite some time, plays a factor in pricing as well.

“Especially because the JL is the newest and shiniest toy. Prices are even more marked up.”

Then again, the JL is also quite a bit more refined than its predecessor, as jadmt points out.

“The JLs are light years ahead of the JKs. I have owned 4 JKs, including a 2018, and while I have no desire to own a JL I see the advancements they provide. So I understand why they would cost more.”

Jeep JL Wrangler

Factory in a strong economy and you’ve got the perfect storm for high Wrangler prices, spartan99 adds.

“Seems like everything is expensive these days. Houses, groceries, etc. All SUV and truck prices are outrageous. Used market too. That’s how it goes when the economy is how it is I guess.”

All of which are great points. But we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us what you believe is causing this spike in Wrangler prices, and tell us if you’ve been priced out of the market as a result!

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