Jeep Wrangler-Living Couple Adds on to Their ‘House’

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Living off the grid in a Jeep Wrangler is a challenge. Add in a girl and a dog, and the storage capabilities must expand to a gear trailer.

Living tiny has its own challenges, and then there’s living on four wheels. Off-road and off-grid living is a drastic lifestyle shift from how most of us are used to surviving. You come across many hurdles and figure a way to make solutions happen. Often times there’s no previous experience to reference, or a DIY YouTube instructional to connect the dots. You have to build and modify along the way, especially when you’re living in a Jeep Wrangler as two people and a dog.

Jeep Wrangler Trailer

Within a short amount of time, living in a Jeep with three heartbeats is going to have you looking for more space. As well as needing more power to provide for the needs of two people. What’s the easy solution? Hunt down a trailer that can handle your lifestyle. In this case, not just any trailer will due. It has to be rugged and built well enough to handle the harsher elements along paths less-traveled.

So, in this video IamJake finds and purchases a 1965 M416 B1 standard-issue Jeep trailer. This trailer has been completely reworked and modified already to support off-grid living with solar panels. So the space and power issue is better, but not quite perfect.
Whenever the trailer is hitched up, they can’t open the rear door.


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So, the next step is to make a trip to Phoenix to meet a fabricator along the journey who will help design and build a solution. In order to swing this type of lifestyle, the most important fundamental is passion. This couple seems to have a ton of passion for their journey.  We here at JK-Forum appreciate their determination. Let us know in the comments below what you think of Jade the Jeep and the modern-day nomadic lifestyle it takes to follow the path less taken.

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